Quick Recipe for Design Motivation

Design motivation can be a huge problem for many creatives out there who are aspiring to create unique out-of-the-box ideas and innovate products from scratch. Read a few tips below to understand why you are not able to find the inspiration and how you can do so!

Explore and discover what you’re good at.quick recipe for design motivationYou do not have to be GREAT at everything! We all have a varied set of skillsets and the sooner we figure out what we do best, the better our design practice will become. If you are into minimalist art and love using pastel tones in your artwork, continue to do so. You don’t have to imbibe a newfound love for upbeat fonts and electric colors. Do your part but do it best. That will ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Establish a workspace.quick recipe for design motivationA well-lit, organized, and ventilated workspace will subconsciously give you fantastic results when you need your creative juices to be flowing. Design is a part of art, which is a part of creativity which in turn is a by-product of imagination. To sustain an eclectic relationship with design, a well-established workspace is quite essential to constantly be motivated and create amazing work.

Seek out inspiration.quick recipe for design motivationInspiration can come from a ton of different places where you can observe a subject or an object to the fullest. Usually to come up with one-of-a-kind ideas and concepts a designer or artist needs to be surrounded by creative people, stay abreast with new market trends which can be found online, or simply just take a walk outside amidst nature.

Define your goals. quick recipe for design motivationAnybody can go long hours designing or creating content that is aesthetically pleasing and praiseworthy. The real question arises whether the purpose of your artwork or idea is driven by a goal. To stay motivated all the time while are you designing something new can get a bit tricky only if you do not focus on the niche topic of your research. A clearly defined subject matter can help find faster motivation in that area as compared to aimlessly browsing design work or Pinterest.

Recognize that its okay to change your mind.quick recipe for design motivationIn the process of finding inspiration, you might quickly think that you have found the perfect recipe for your next creative idea. Moreover, this mindset can rapidly take a U-turn and you might not feel in tune with what you have gathered. It is important to understand that it is okay to feel this way. Every designer goes through a pattern of trial and error and it is this process that leads to unique innovations and novel learnings each time.

Figure out your best work time.Be uniqueEverybody has a different way and style of working and can think best at certain hours of the day. You need to figure out what suits you and when you are most productive. Practicing this will enable you to allot specific hours to think and mindfully conduct research that will save you time when you embark on implementing the project. As the old saying goes, good planning is half work done!

Get close to other designers.team upAs mentioned before, interacting with like-minded people & thinkers is an excellent approach to find motivation for your design work. There have been instances when people have been able to come up with extremely different ideas for their project after having considered the perspectives and opinions of their fellow designers. After all, constructive feedback never really hurts.

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