Bahrain Lubricants Website Launch

Manama, Bahrain – 8 June 2022

At Cloudme, we are proud to announce the launch of Bahrain Lubricants’ new website. The project was assigned to us by Alkuwaiti Group to design a website that reflects Bahrain’s oil history and showcases their lubricants products range. Our team designed and launched a website that features a sleek User Interface (UI) design, improved functionality, and user-friendly UX for easy access to essential information.

About Bahrain Lubricant

Offering and assuring quality lubricants to our partners across the globe with significant and steady growth in the lubricants market. With a strong network of partners and a global presence, we are able to offer the highest quality lubricants and specialty products that are formulated with the help of the latest generation additive technologies to meet today’s industry and market needs.

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