Shopify or WordPress!

In the E-commerce world, there is this question a lot of businesses find themselves asking; ‘Which web content management system should we choose to create & launch my online store?’. While the best-rated content management systems available are WordPress and Shopify, there is still a little debate about which one is better and why!

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a proprietary e-commerce platform that has been specifically designed to allow merchants to build and launch their own online stores. It provides a range of templates that can be tailor-made and allows both physical and digital goods to be sold.

What is WordPress?

WordPress was originally a powerful blog publishing platform available in two different Hosted versions. Sites built with WordPress can be customised infinitely, and everything is extremely flexible, in the hands of the right website developer. Installation of the right plugins can be adapted to meet the needs of almost all web design projects.

Why do we prefer WordPress?

As per google statistics of 2021, WordPress powers 32.3% of all websites on the internet platform. It is competitively budget-friendly, has more features, is more flexible, and can be opted for hassle-free long-term use. 

As per google statistics of 2021, WordPress powers 32.3% of all websites on the internet platform. It is open-source, competitively budget-friendly, has more features, is more flexible and extendible, and can be opted for hassle-free long-term use. By using WordPress you will not be restricted to choosing your preferred web hosting company. Some may argue that WordPress is not secure. But the real question is, ‘Is any platform 100% secure?’. Well, we do not believe that as much as we believe there must always be basic steps taken to protect your website against attackers and hackers. WordPress also comes with extra options available for strengthening your website that can be done in very simple steps by choosing the right web hosting provider.

Number of eCommerce Shopify Vs. WordPress Worldwide  


Statistics Dated Augst 2021

Do we still work with Shopify?

Yes, at the end of the day, clientele requirements & desires have to be met and we happily cater to those. Shopify is also a leading platform in the eCommerce game which cannot be overlooked. Hence, as much as we vouch for WordPress, we undoubtedly can implement projects with Shopify as well.

Having been in the digital space; web & app design, for nearly two decades we vote for WordPress as the best e-commerce shop application available. Many a time, out-of-the-box ideas can be challenging to incorporate in web design. Owing to its vast number of features Cloudme has been able to customise websites as per client requirements and create very versatile experiences. WordPress has a better development platform which has given us the ability to code creatively and bring fresh ideas to life.

To view examples of clientele websites built with WordPress visit Portfolio Page. 

Let’s help you kick start your eCommerce business!  

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