Consumer Behavior Statistics in 2022

Consumers buy more online – Everything, right from education to shopping, as well as businesses have shifted online. We are amid a period where purchasing everything from the comfort of your home is the new USP! And with this in mind, almost entirely all brands have taken the online selling route which guarantees more ROI with minimum investment.

Gen Z leads the charge in social buying- Which platforms are the Gen Z most active on? TikTok and Instagram. The youth today are looking forward to content that is lighthearted & funny, inspirational, informational & helpful. If you can provide this through your digital marketing efforts, you and your brand are sure to stay on the tip of every household’s tongue.

Try selling through an omnichannel approach – Higher success rates have been studied in the past whilst adopting the famous cross-channel marketing approach. The data represented here suggests that marketing your entire business idea through one approach is not enough to attract & retain your clients. With minimum to nil attention spans of consumers today, one has to play their cards smartly and create brand awareness on all available platforms to reach their target sales.

Reviews and user-generated content are more influential than ever – These days it seems like everyone is talking about influencer marketing. However, some studies suggest that the opposite strategy may be more effective. Reviews are the ultimate way of communicating with your customer and building brand loyalty. A higher number of positive reviews on Google Reviews or your website will ensure a solid bond with your existing customers & enhance the probability of more clients.

Sustainable brands are always in greater demand – Research has shown that sustainable products and businesses are 5x more successful in sales growth as compared to brands that aren’t. This trend has created recently created a hype and continues to grow. According to a global statistics report, Gen Z is more likely to purchase natural, organic stuff, recyclable and durable items, overall from eco-friendly brands.

Consumers seek personalization – With so many channels to reach audiences, marketers have a wealth of options when it comes to personalization. This is where SMM (Social Media Marketing) & email marketing come into play! Customized emailers sent out to a niche customer audience are always a win-win situation for our company and the buyer.