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Alkuwaiti Group chose Cloudme for the Rebranding & Website Development of the group. The key objectiv of this project to creae stronger visual ideinity that is inline that reflects the currnet posstion and future vision of Alkuwaiit Group.

About Alkuwaiti

Alkuwaiti Group is a leading agent for many industries products in Bahrain. The group represent major international brands for diversified industries since 1950. Automative is one of the key industries served by Alkuwaiti. Brands such as Pirelli, Castrol, Varta, Turtle, Puli, Panasonic and 3M are distributed by Alkuwaiti in Bahrain. Beside Automotive products, Alkuwaiti repent many major industrial, manufacturing, home appliances, electronics brands. Also, Alkuwaiti has been working in Real Estate, Marketing and Logistic sectors.