A digital agency that provides marketing, design, technology and consultancy services.

We combine our passion and expertise to offer our clients custom-made web experiences, creative marketing and robust technology solutions to enable you grab business opportunities and maximise your ROI.

“Our key capabilities and culture: Creative Talents, Technical Expertise, Competitive, Solid Project Management, Flexible & Friendly Culture.”


Cloudme was established in 1995 in the Kingdom of Bahrain as conventional advertising agency.  With the drastic changes in the web technology and the spread of new media, we have re-aligned our business model and branding strategy in 2012 to cater for today’s digital culture.

Our philosophy is to develop an ongoing relationship with our clients, create web awareness and bring the latest technologies and digital trends to them.

We aim to deliver inspiring brands and dynamic web solutions through fast, responsive and quality services


Core Capabilities

Analytical 99%
Project Management97%
Creativity 95%
Client Relationship 100%



A small team with over 50 years of collective experience in the infomaiton technology and marketing industries wokred with companies of all sizes. Every member of the team has different skills and background in their field of speciality, which contribute to our success in serving our clients. 

We are not just tech savvy! We are business people like our clients. We talk and understand your language and we put ourselves in your place once we start a project with you.

We enjoy working with our clients and we love sharing our knowledge!